The Symposium is an interactive talk show that thrives on the intimate, defy formats and examines the intersections between business, culture and people.


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13th April 2019

As Yuval Noah Harari said “in the future… you will need to do more than merely invent new ideas and products, but above all, reinvent yourself again and again.”

We live in extraordinary times. An age of great disruption; but also great distraction.

What future skills, values or attributes will be important in the workplace and our communities in 2030?

In our next Symposium #4: Borders, we’ll explore that notion and more with Hefen Wong (Deputy Director at Co-Lab at Ministry of Manpower), Joseph Louis Tan (AVP/ Employee Journey Design Coach at DBS Bank) and Jonathan Carl Wong (Community Manager @ The Bridge).


“As an individual are you looking for information or affirmation?”



Previous Event
28th July 2018

No one denies technology is bringing a sweeping change with it’s unpredictable nature.

As the media obsesses over tech startups, AI and replacing jobs; we’re keen to take that conversation for a slight detour with five inspiring speakers who present thought-provoking ideas on reimagining communities, education, experiences and food in Singapore.

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