The Symposium is an interactive talk show that thrives on the intimate, defy formats and examines the intersections between business, culture and people.


Next Event
13th April 2018

In Conversations #4: BORDERS, we’ll be having three compelling speakers discuss disruptions in the future of work, nurturing talent and life long learning; rethinking the role of co-working spaces, employee development, the recruitment process and inspiring attitudes, ideas and values that have shaped their harmony of work, home and self.

More details soon.


“As an individual are you looking for information or affirmation?”



Previous Event
28th July 2018

No one denies technology is bringing a sweeping change with it’s unpredictable nature.

As the media obsesses over tech startups, AI and replacing jobs; we’re keen to take that conversation for a slight detour with five inspiring speakers who present thought-provoking ideas on reimagining communities, education, experiences and food in Singapore.

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